We are thrilled to announce a significant update to our Keyword Bank, which automatically injects highly relevant Amazon search terms into Autopilot listing recommendations in order to ensure maximum uplift in product page views and conversions. We've not only revamped the keyword bank, but also added a powerful new feature to the optimization flow: Keyword Injection Indicators.

What's New?

1. Revamped Keyword Bank

  • the keyword bank ingests around 200 Amazon search terms per ASIN/marketplace combination, ranked by the likelihood to click and convert based on data received from multiple sources

  • on top of this, automated keyword tagging processes ensure another level of brand safety within the listing recommendation by excluding words that users may have searched for but that you would not want to appear in your listing for numerous reasons, such as competitor brand names

2. Keyword Injection Indicators

  • Now, you can effortlessly track which keywords have been automatically injected into the listing recommendation

  • This feature allows you to understand where our keyword bank is placing the top-ranking keywords from the keyword bank, combined with compelling content aimed at boosting conversions

More details are available in our documentation